The Country Girl / Fata de la tara

EN: Recently I made a new clothing order for summer and I’ve seen the photo of a girl wearing the similar outfit that I wear in this post. I was so inspired and I knew immediately THATS MY STYLE! 

I am  the type of girl who will never be too extravagant or be crazy for high heels, I do like to wear skirts but in my own way. So I have found this super cute skirt and I decided to wear it with some simple trainers but add some accessories and make the outfit playful and “teenager”-ish.

RO: Recent mi-am comandat niste haine noi pentru vara si intr-una dintre imagini aparea o fata ce era imbracata similar cu outfitul din postarea de azi. Am fost atat de inspirata si mi-am spus ASTA E STILUL MEU!

Eu sunt genul de fata care nu o sa fie niciodata prea innebunita dupa tocuri si lookuri extravagante. Imi place sa port rochii si fuste, dar in stilul meu. Am gasit aceasta fusta foarte dragalasa, exact pe gustul meu si am decis sa o port la niste tenesi simpli dar sa adaug niste accesorii pentru a face tinuta mai jucausa si adolescentina.



EN: With this hairstyle and my hat I definitely look like a country girl! 😋 But I love it! I think it looks fresh and different.

RO: Cu coditele astea si cu palaria arat de zici ca vin de undeva de la tara. Dar ador stilul asta! Cred ca este fresh si diferit.





EN: I hope you guys like this outfit ❤️ If you want to see something else or if you have any suggestions, please comment down bellow. Thank you!

RO: Sper ca v-a placut acest mic outfit ❤️ Daca vreti sa vedeti si altceva sau aveti sugestii, lasati-mi un cometariu. Multam fain!





Hat/Palarie – H&M

Top/Bluza – H&M

Skirt/Fusta –

Shoes/Tenesi – New Look

Backpack/Ghiozdan –



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